King of I mean Heroes.
King of I mean Heroes.

Name: Gilgamesh, King of heroes (character title), Archer (Servant class)

Origin: Nasuverse (Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Heroic Spirit, Servant

Tier: Tier 6 Class C, potentially Tier 5 Class C

List of Powers: Super speed, strength, durability, endurance and senses due to being a demigod, unnaturally high charisma,extreme luck which destines Gilgamesh to get rich quickly and never lose money in gamble, can open dimensional portals to summon his vast amount of treasures including wine, golden furniture, magic potions and the prototype of almost every Noble Phantasm

Range: At least several hundred meters with Gate of Babylon, dozens of kilometers with Enuma Elish, Ea has potentially planetary range

Firepower: Multi-building to city block level+ with a casual barrage from Gate of Babyon, Gilgamesh also has weapons that were claimed to split mountains in half, dimensional/city level with casual use of Enuma Elish which cuts apart space and destroys space-time in its area of effect, there are also implications that Ea on max power is either a life wiper or outright planetbuster

Speed: Class HS via powerscaling (also has an airship claimed to move at the "speed of thought")

Durability: Can only be hurt by attacks that either contain magic or capable of attacking spiritual beings (Fate/Zero incarnation only).Superhuman to building level without his armor, city block level+ with his battle armor on (likely even higher, took a grazing attack from a weapon almost comparable to Excalibur, Saber had to use Excalibur at point blank range to surely kill him). Can increase his durability with magic shields (even one which is capable of blocking Assassin's Tsubame Gaeshi). He can also ump up his magic resistance stat to a level higher than even Saber's. Furthermore, Gilgamesh has incredible mental fortitude. His ego literally overpowered All Evils in the World.

Strength: Vastly superhuman (his physical attacks were compared to explosives and splattered Shirou across the floor, likely a very casual steel cutter like most Servants), 100+ tons with the chains of Enkidu (said chains casually twisted Berserker's arms backwards)

Stamina: Unknown, although he never appeared to tire and easily outlasted any other Servant in combat
Gilgamesh also remained standing and had a long poetric monolouge after taking this attack.
Gilgamesh also remained standing and had a long poetric monolouge after taking this attack.

Intelligence: TBA

Skill Level: TBA


  • Gilgamesh's ego makes arrogant people seem humble in comparison.
  • He's overly prideful and prefers to slay his opponents by just randomly spamming Gate of Babylon. He only uses tactics or pull out Ea when he either feels his opponent is worthy enough or when Gilgamesh is getting really pressured.
  • He's quick to anger and relatively easy to provoke.
  • Gilgamesh is only an owner and not a wielder of his army of Noble Phantasms. He lacks the complete mastery over his weapons unlike other Servants which impacts his melee fighting skills considerably. The only exception are Ea and Enkidu that hold special meaning to Gilgamesh and can use them at their maximum potential.

Standard Equipment:

  • Gate of Babylon (key-shaped sword which rips holes in space-time and allows Gilgamesh to summon his vast collection of treasures, including the precursors of almost every Noble Phantasm)
  • Sha Nagba Imuru (trinket which fuels Gilgamesh with information about his enemy and the battlefield, going as far as revealing the enemy's weaknesses)
  • Enkidu (chains that can be summoned anywhere to restrain the opponent in an instant, they are especially effective against gods and divine beings, saping away their power)
  • Ea (EX Rank Noble Phantasm, a sword which existed before the creation of the Universe, it was made from alien materials and by methods incomprehensible to humans, Ea was the sword which separated Heavens from the Earth and has the potential to "kill the world")
  • Vimana (magical airship run by mercury fuel and solar-powered rutilated quartz crystals, said to travel at the speed of thought and possess the ancient versions of machineguns and even nuclear bombs)

Attacks and Abilities:

- Gate of Babylon: TBA

It's rainin' swords, hallelujah!
It's rainin' swords, hallelujah!

  • Gate of Babylon barrage: Gigamesh's favorite form of attack. Gilgamesh randomly summons a bunch of Noble Phantasms behind his back and launches them at the enemy like a rain of steel. Each Noble Phantasm flies at godspeed an possess some kind of magical effect which makes them risky to take head on even tif the opponent has the capabilities of surviving the attack. Gilgamesh can adjust the destructive effect of his barrage from a rain of sharp swords to even an attack similar to carpet bombing the entire area. Any Noble Phantasm that missed its target automatically returns to the Gate of Babylon after a few seconds. When sufficiently motivated enough Gilgamesh can surround his opponent with Noble Phantasms from all directions, sealing any chance for escape. In his encounter against Saber at the Fuyuki Bridge also showed that if he wants to Gilgamesh can choose which Noble Phantasm to use and unleash them in a deadly combination of attacks.
Gilgamesh in the process of punishing mongrels
Gilgamesh in the process of punishing mongrels

  • Barrier of swords: Gilgamesh can summon Noble Phantasms to block incoming attacks without the need to even move a muscle.
  • Mystic Shields: Gilgamesh can summon various defensive Noble Phantasms to block enemy attacks. For example he has a shield which erects a triangle shaped barrier to block Assassin's Tsubame Gaeshi, has multiple shields that erect a magical field to cover an entire airship. Also quite possibly Gilgamesh has the prototype of Archer's Rho Aias.

- Magic Mirror: Gilgamesh possesses a mirror which can reflect spells and magical attacks back on the sender.

- Harpe: Scythe-like weapon which was later used by Perseus to slay Medusa. Harpe has the special ability reject immortality and cause wounds which cannot be healed or regenerated. Furthermore, the original version possessed by Gilgamesh has the additional ability to phase through armor to directly strike the flesh while also sapping the target of their energy.

- Ice Saber: Noble Phantasm with unknown name which has the ability to freeze whatever found in the cutting path of the sword. This Noble Phantasm had enough power to overwhelm Saber's magic resistance and encase her in a block of ice.

- Caladbolg: Sword wielded by the Irish hero Fergus. The sword was claimed to have the power to split an entire mountain. Aside from Caladbolg Gilgamesh appears to have at least half dozen other Noble Phantasms at the same power.

- Gungnir: The spear of Odin and the weapon which Lancer's Gae Bolg was modeled after. Similar to its successor Gungnir has the ability to reverse causalty, replacing the order of the "spear swung" and the "heart pierced". As such the fate of the target heart is being pierced is certain in the moment the spear enters the striking range. Once activated, there's no way to avoid Gungnir's curse. The only method to survive the spear by possessing supernatural amounts of luck which may save the target by rewriting the fate of the victim's death.

- Merodach: Sword of the Original Sin. It's a weapon which inspired the creation of Gram and thus indirectly influenced the creation of Calibum. As such merodach is superior to Calibum which Gilgamesh showcased by effortlessly overwhelming Shirou's imitation. Merodach has two abilities. The first is an energy-enhanced attack similar to Calibum. The second ability releases a beam of light similar to Excalibur.

- Vimana: TBA

- Enkidu: TBA

- Ea: TBA

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Dio Brando (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) Dio Brando Profile NOTE: It was stated that Gil could win but Dio's Stand and the distance granted him the win.

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  • Gilgamesh's alignment was listed as Chaotic Good that, considering he's represented like a sadistic villain, caused no less controversy amongst the fans.
  • According to an interview with the author Gilgamesh has what it takes to beat current (30%) Arcueid. The reason behind his victory is that Arcueid has a poor compatibility against someone like Gilgamesh who relies on external force (his Noble Phantasms) instead of his own power in battle.
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